Road’s End Press

Road’s End Press is proud to announce the publication of The Changer, a novel by David Hedges, an Oregon poet, satirist, and social, environmental and political activist.

The title derives from a Native American myth that presages a sudden upending of the order of things—as geophysicist Emory Barnes, a character in the book, puts it, “The end of all life on Earth.”

But to Jay Joseph, leader of the Salmon Warriors, the Change means, “The end of this world, and the beginning of the next,” offering hope of a return to a balanced biosphere, where mankind’s imprint is dramatically reduced.

What triggers the Change, who drives it, and how it unfolds will keep you turning the pages of this innovative book, with its fast-paced action paused by reflections on the nature of our species, and of nature itself.

The Changer is available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Politics & Prose, and Powell’s City of Books in both print and eBook formats.

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